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Small Construction Group

By bringing Talent Air in at the beginning of the project, our clients gain the full benefits of our value engineering skills and our ability to design “out of the box” solutions. The result is a dependable HVAC system that is specifically engineered to operate smoothly and reliably and to deliver cost savings in the build and daily operations.

Small Construction Group




Talent Air specializes in tenant improvements for Class A office spaces, data centers, bio pharmaceuticals, retail shopping centers, doctor offices, industrial buildings and many more. 



Retail stores in Southern California, can range from a small storefront to multi-level buildings. Regardless of the size of your store, your customers expect total comfort when browsing your products, so you need a top-notch, reliable HVAC system.



You will not find a more economical way to construct a church or educational unit with greater stewardship for your congregation than with our Design / Build Program. Talent Air can take you from the planning stages all the way to occupancy of your new building.

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