• Bob Garza

Critical Thinking and Thinkers

It’s a disciplined approach to decision-making, problem solving and strategic planning that enables managers to deploy resources in the most efficient way possible and uncover new ways to solve old problems. Critical thinkers challenge assumptions and ensure that decisions are carefully analyzed BEFORE action is taken – dramatically reducing the likelihood that precious time is wasted on impractical ideas or resources deployed on ill-conceived strategy. Unfortunately, many managers aren’t critical thinkers – even though most believe they are. They think they should have all the answers and rely on their experience and or raw intelligence to guide their thinking. Sometimes it’s enough - but too often it’s not and poor outcomes result. How many mistakes have you seen managers make because they assumed, they knew the right thing to do? They didn’t stop to evaluate available data. They didn’t seek input from their employees or colleagues. They just acted – and their decision turned into a mess that required costly clean up and low morale. Sure, every manager makes mistakes, but the best has learned from that mistake a secret that keeps them on target often. Great managers understand that they don’t always have the right answers – but they know how to ask the right questions. That uncommon ability to think critically is one of the traits that attributes to making a great manager!

Critical Thinking Cap

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