• Bob Garza

Predictable Outcome

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

A term we use in every endeavor we embark upon these days is “Predictable Outcome”. This is not just a term that we use lightly it is a term we live by when we engage ourselves in providing an estimate or services to a client. I know what you might be wondering, “What exactly do you do that would ensure a Predictable Outcome”?

It is a process of examination and involvement that requires time and accuracy. It is something we abide by in every single endeavor we embark upon. It is the underlying truth to the successful completion in every single venture that we engage in. It is what we have become, a better more profitable company with the highest level of service we can provide, and why is that? We have a “Predictable Outcome”!

Not every single project you do turns out to be a stellar project, but by investing a little of your time on the front end it makes your endeavor more predictable and a lot less stressful regardless of the final outcome.

Here's a few of our guidelines for a Predictable Outcome:

Predictable Outcome

· Project difficulty

· Geographic locality

· Client’s performance economically

· Client’s organization and structure

· Client’s ability to perform the overall task

in terms of a General Contractor

· Our staffing ability

· Our financial ability

· And most of all, our ability to execute with accuracy

This is must for any business plan, it is a guide for successful projects, it is the guide for your staff to recognize misfortune and stressful situations and finally it is they right way to conduct business.

I used to spend hour languishing over whether or not I should take on a project, but now a days it is it is a simple process, follow the guidelines and the Outcome will be Predictable.

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